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At Larkyn Interiors our goal is to create beautiful, thoughtful design that incorporates the unique and personal style of our clients while honoring the home's architecture and the spaces within them.  Anything from window treatment and paint selections to full-service interior design services, we consider every detail and are here to help bring your vision to life!


Image by Annie Spratt


During this 60 minute consultation, we will try to give as much advice and information as possible about your space.


We highly recommend that you take notes. If you decide to sign up with our service on the same day as the consultation, the consulting fee will apply towards your package - 

  • Walk-through of your home

  • Discussion of design ideas, lifestyle, tastes and options

  • Space planning ideas

  • Budget planning advice


Image by Annie Spratt

 one room design package 

This package is great if you prefer a design guideline for you to follow and implement at your own pace. This package starts with 20-hour blocks which you may use for whatever assistance you need. After our initial meeting I can give you a sense of how many blocks of time you will need to accomplish your objectives. This package includes the following:

  • Measurements of your room

  • Design concepts

  • 2D and 3D drawings

  • Color scheme direction

  • Furniture and lighting advice

  • Paint selections

  • Material samples

  • Budgeting

  • Full estimate of all specified furniture 


Image by Annie Spratt

 full - service design package

The Full Service package is just that: everything from the initial project scope, through every phase of construction or remodeling, the purchasing and installation of all furnishings (including any and all ordering and delivery issues), coordinating with vendors, installing everything, the final styling until you move-in, and even any changes you choose to make after the project is “over.” 

*Full quote provided after consultation (pricing is based on the scope of the project, typically a combination of 40-hour blocks and the number of rooms or square footage of the project).



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